With ten years of jury research experience, I started my own firm in 1996.  I immediately began to use a recruiting firm located in Montgomery, Alabama.  First they recruited for me in Alabama, and then they expanded to Atlanta and Florida.  In the 17 years since that time, Nolan Research has expanded their territory to  cover just about every state in the nation for us.   Historically, we have used their services everywhere except Miami, Los Angeles, and along the Rio Grande River in South Texas.   In each of those instances, we have thought those areas required special localized knowledge or an ability to speak Spanish fluently.  Oddly, however, when our local recruiters have run into trouble, Nolan has been able to come in and help fill our needs even in cities like Laredo and Los Angeles.  The advantage to a local recruiter in Dallas, Kansas City, Chicato or any other area is that they can normally guarantee a better show rate.  The disadvantage to a local recruiting firm is that you are likely to get “professional respondents,” because local recruiters can use their “data base.”  Because Nolan is normally recruiting outside their local area for us, they bring fresh blood, which makes them more like real jurors.   The bottom line is that it is a joy to work with Nolan Research.  The delightful ladies of Nolan do excellent work, and they are a crucial part of our team.

D. Landsburg


Dear Isabel, DeeDee and Rebecca,

Thank you for the opportunity to share with others my experiences and my good fortune of working with you and your team.  Please feel free to have any of your clients contact me for a reference.  Nolan Research has certainly made the quality of my work better over this past decade and I would love for others to know about your good work.

For more than 10 years Nolan Research has recruited research respondents for my company across the country.  I continue to be impressed with the quality of each recruiting job they complete.  With every assignment, they have met or exceeded the very demanding guidelines and specifications required of our recruiters.  In one instance, they were even able to step in and rescue another recruiter who could not get a job done.  Their hard work and professionalism made what would have been a failed project a success for my company and my client.  Nolan’s team is especially talented when working in very small venues where discretion and confidentiality are essential.  No matter where they recruit, they find qualified individuals for our research projects.  Moreover, they make each respondent feel important and well cared for before the project begins.  Perhaps this accounts for their tremendous show rates of 95% or better.  I highly recommend this recruiting team for jury research conducted in the South, Mid-South, Midwest and beyond.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to assist you.  And, may this find you all well.


Lisa Dahl, MA
Litigation Consultants, Inc.
Lawrence, Kansas


P.S.  Their carrot cake is tremendous!

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