Nolan Research is a member of the Marketing Research Association, a trade organization with strict codes of conduct for it’s members. We suggest that you visit their page for respondents/ consumers: MRA for the consumer. It provides answers to many questions people have about marketing research.

Also, please read the Respondent Bill of Rights.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did you get my telephone number?

In order for studies to be accurate, every household must be given the chance to participate, including people with unlisted phone numbers. For many studies, a computer randomly generates the phone numbers that are called, or telephone numbers are obtained from public records.

What are you trying to sell me? What is the catch?

Nolan Research is a marketing research firm, we do not sell anything. Telephone sales under the guise of research is illegal. Most likely you were being called to give your opinions in a market research survey, or to be invited to participate in a focus group, music survey, or discussion group in your local area. We do not sell anything, and in many instances, we even pay you for your time & help.

I see that you are located in Montgomery, AL. Why are you calling me, I don’t live in AL.

We conduct research across the United States. Sometimes we partner with other research companies who actually conduct the research groups at a location in your city, or nearby.

I’m on the Do Not Call list, why did you call me?

The Do Not Call list does not apply to marketing research, as we are not trying to sell you anything. For more information, visit: FTC Do Not Call List

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